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Who is a nanny?

Raising kids is a challenging affair especially if both parents have got commitments in terms of work or a job. Consequently, this development has led to the emergence of a specialty which involves working with children. The endeavor requires you to be in charge of kids in the absence of their parents or guardians. Furthermore, as part of the job description you should express wiliness that you are indeed interested in the welfare of kids; you would gladly take care of them if called upon. Are you interested in taking up the role of being a nanny or are you interested in what they do? Read through the article to get an idea of what the profession entails.

Job qualifications and requirements

Even though being a nanny cannot be associated with rocket science, the job requires substantial level of education to practice. In the same line of thought, high school graduates are a decent candidate for this promising and prolific field of specialization. At that level one is already equipped with the basic education and can perform delicate tasks with a lot of care. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Being a nanny requires experience to be able to handle kids at the same time understand their needs to create an awesome environment. This requires you are the main stakeholder to find opening and go for them to gather the experience. Completed training in early childhood education is a bonus on your part since it boots client’s appeal when it comes to choosing a nanny. Parents will go for what will benefit their kid in the long run and a nanny who has undergone proper early childhood education training will carry the day. Emergencies do occur without a warning and first aid will be required before a victim is subjected to adequate medical care. Safety is always the number one priority thus a nanny trained on how to perform first aid and CPR in infants and children come is definitely a goldmine.

Responsibilities of a nanny

A nanny is often confused and mistaken for a house help in some situations though they are from different diverse school of thought. The growth of your child into an important member of the society begins right at home. In the same line of thought, a nanny is responsible for; engineering a sustainable environment for children that will nature and initiate them into the society. Discipline is the window through which the above is possible; it’s the duty of a nanny to maintain and instill a sense of discipline in kids. At a tender age, cognitive abilities of kids are super high thus a nanny can orchestrate and administer educational activities the likes of reading and writing. Generally, a nanny is the concerned with overall development of children.


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