Learn how SMS can boost payday loan sales

Using SMS to drive payday loan sales in the company is a great way to reach your target audience quickly. In addition to efficient delivery – about 98% of people open incoming messages in up to 3 minutes – the cost is usually much more affordable compared to other mass media.

In addition, you need to plan what you are going to deliver to the customer. That’s because sending relevant content to consumers in mid-2019 is no longer a differentiator, it is an obligation of companies.

As we live in an era in which digital competition is very large, with social networking applications, message sharing, banking, games, in short, there are many options that will take your customer’s attention.

For this reason, getting the message right is fundamental to conquer it and, from this first contact, create a relationship that can even lead to marriage.

Tips to boost payday loan sales using SMS

payroll loan sales using SMS

Choose the right type of campaign to sell more payday loans

Before thinking about the message, you need to know what your goal is. Campaigns are a great way to define the type of communication, but still, your company will not always get it right.

Therefore, it is good to vary and know what are the campaign options that can reach your effective audience. Some examples of campaigns are:

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Discount coupon campaigns
  • Campaigns with a sense of urgency (those that last “only until tomorrow”)
  • Product Launch Campaigns

Personalize your message


Starting your message with the prospect’s name can make a difference and attract him to read all of your content, how about that? After all, isn’t that what your company wants?

Consumers are increasingly demanding and looking for more personalized experiences.

Focus on your target audience

sms loans

Below we have separated some very cool tips that you need to know before sending your message:

Take care with spelling

Writing well and clearly is an indispensable item when it comes to communication and marketing.

So it never hurts to spend time planning how your company will communicate with its target audience.

Spelling mistakes can happen to anyone, but avoiding this will contribute to your action being successful.

Include an opt-out

As with e-mail, SMS also has the possibility to leave the option for the consumer not to receive any more messages from your company. This is basic.

Regardless of the purpose of the campaign: if it is just a relationship, or if it is to inform that you have just spent with a credit card.

Make it clear what the next expected step is

What are the next steps after sending the message? Making this clear to the customer will be very important so that this first contact is not the last of your company with him.

At the end of the message, leave a link to take you to your website or page that is part of the campaign’s product or service.

Automate your campaigns

Automating your SMS campaigns is a way for your company to spend less. Companies that offer SMS service to thousands of people in a few moments, give your company the freedom to send SMS in batches and, if you prefer, also unitary.

In addition, Assertiva has developed an autonomous system for the user, which allows your company to create its own campaigns, applying unique strategies in order to deliver the message to the right person.

Key Metrics for you to track

credit loans

Opening Rate

The SMS open rate can reach up to 98% and you need to be aware of this metric. Compared to e-mail, which has only a 22% open rate, SMS is an important means of communication to promote your product or service.

Exit or opt-out fee

For you who seek to give credibility to your brand, it is essential to let the user choose whether or not to receive the messages. And more importantly, your company needs to analyze the output data.

If the exit percentage is higher than those who want to continue receiving, review your strategy.

Answer rate

The average response for SMS is also usually higher than email, but this rate needs to be evaluated campaign by campaign, as we do not find need numbers in the market. Therefore, your company has one more opportunity to understand the user’s behavior, and if so, direct the conversation to what he (customer) really wants to hear.

Conversion rate

To measure the conversion rate (it is a metric for analyzing marketing campaigns) you will need to get help through specific tools. This is a very important process, as it is in the conversion rate that your company will measure if your campaign is going well or if it needs adjustments.

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