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 General information about Fine Bank

General information about Bankile

Fine Bank is an English bank and sells credit cards and loans worldwide. With its branch in Hamburg Fine Bank has been represented in Germany since 1991 and has established itself as one of the leading credit card institutes in the German market fleshes this out

Fine Bank: loans with and without a credit card

Bankile: loans with and without a credit card

Fine Bank is a subsidiary of the Lite lender bank and has been represented as its branch in Hamburg since 1991, where around 650 employees are currently employed. Installment loans have been on the German market since 2008. With regard to the acceptance criteria, Fine Bank is more closely oriented to the situation in Great Britain, which sets it apart from many competitors. This makes it much easier for self-employed people in particular to obtain loans than most other banks.

In addition to installment loans, Fine Bank offers various credit card models. All credit cards are equipped with a revolving credit line: cardholders can pay only a small fraction of their card bill and finance the rest using the credit line. The “Fine Bank for Students” is one of the most well-known credit cards for this target group and is one of the few credit offers available for students. With around 1.4 million cards, Fine Bank is the third largest credit card issuer in Germany. Since 2012, interest-bearing investments have also been offered under the “Barclays” brand.

Good to know: bank with British roots

Good to know: bank with British roots

The British background is clearly recognizable: Loans are much easier to obtain for self-employed and students, among others, than with many “German” competitors. In addition to installment loans for various target groups, credit cards with a partial payment function form the focus of the Fine Bank offer.

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