Bank professionals: think about buying credits to help you

The Good Finance professions constitute a category of the population quite apart, with its economic and fiscal specificities. Even if the Good Finances’ incomes are above the median income, the costs and risks are higher. In these conditions, the repurchase of Good Finance professions credit must offer a guarantee of comfort and serenity.

The Good Finance professions: specific risks

The Good Finance professions: specific risks

If the repurchase of credit is more and more acclaimed by the Good Finance professions, it is because, more and more, their taxation and their social charges increase while their incomes stagnate more often, even fall.

In addition, certain professions, such as doctors, for example, require regular investments in new equipment. In addition, the question of associations and share buy-backs still brings an additional burden, or at least a risk, which must be able to be managed or anticipated.

Finally, confusion between the natural person and the legal person can jeopardize both the home and the professional activity in the event of excessive debt.

The consequences: falling standard of living, late payment of social charges and taxes, suffering in the home, sometimes even depression.

The buy back of Good Finance professions credits: what solutions?

The buy back of Good Finance professions credits: what solutions?

The repurchase of credit therefore appears to be an effective and suitable solution to reduce the financial pressure exerted on the Good Finance professions.

Loan consolidation not only refinances professional and personal home and consumer loans, but also covers late payment of payroll taxes.

And when we know that today, 7% of retirees between 60 and 69 years old, including a good number of former Good Finance professionals, are forced to work to compensate for a retirement that is too low, we understand that the grouping of credits is the alternative to consolidate your budget while preserving your living comfort.

For Good Finance professionals, Finance Or offers different products for different situations:

  • Repurchase of mortgage
  • Consumer credit repurchase
  • Mortgage consolidation
  • Bonded loan consolidation

Example of a grouping of Good Finance profession credits

Example of a grouping of Good Finance profession credits

The objective of the clients: group all their credits with a 4th loan repurchase

Philippe P. and Catherine P., first-time buyers, 5 children, 2 of whom are dependent

Philippe P. and Catherine P. are married. They had 5 children; they only have 2 left. Philippe is 52 years old and a social advisor; Catherine has been a self-employed nurse since August 2008, she is 48 years old. Their income is $ 2,548 and $ 3,410 plus rental income of $ 492.

They already made a buyout of mortgage loans in 2004 because their incomes were much lower and they had 5 children at the time. They made a second purchase of credits, for consumption this time, in 2008, when Ms. moved in because beforehand she had resumed these studies for 1 year in order to pass her nursing diploma (therefore drop in income).

They made a third purchase of consumer loans in May 2012 because Ms. had a sharp drop in income. They have a large investor loan of $ 966 which will not be taken over.

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